Hi10 airq64g19032693 problem identifing ic's

By accident a 12v power supply was plugged to the type-c connector. Two IC’s next to it were shorted, (board ZC105 REV0.1).

One sot 23-6 with markings “D6Gb TK”
pin 1 = 4.21v
pin 2 = ground
pin 3 = 0v
pin 4 = 0v
pin 5 = 0v
pin 6 = 4.21v

and a sot 23-5 with markings “8P 2A”
pin 1 = 4.87v
pin 2 = ground
pin 3 = 0v
pin 4 = 0.22v
pin 5 = 0v

all values with IC’s removed, battery connected and 5v power supply connected to usb.

photos of board with ics.

Please help to identify them.

sot 23-5 can be https://datasheet.lcsc.com/szlcsc/1912301231_WILLSEMI-Will-Semicon-WS4601E-5-TR_C213171.pdf
sot 23-6 probably some sort of OTG power ic, but i can’t find what it is.
You can take the same IC next to micro usb connector. If the board is working properly, the tablet will charge and work normally.

Sot 23-5 probably a 5v charge pump (pin 1 input, pin 3 output).
The tablet is charging when both of them were removed but using a nornal type -c cable (not fast charging) connected to my bech power supply it was drawing 1.3 amps. That is not normal. It assumes a fast charger is connected.