Hi10 Plus lock screen issue

Hi, my Hi10 Plus tablet is turning on the screen and even unlocking by itself when I close the cover (the one with keyboard).
After turning on the tablet and launching any os I press the power button to lock the tablet. After this I just put it to the cover and when I’m closing the cover, the tablet unlocks.
Seems like that is not cover issue because I’ve tried to put some insulator between keyboard pins and tablet. I think some sensor wakes the tablet up, maybe ambient light sensor or Accelerator. By the way in that moment Accelerator was not working in Win10 because of the drivers was incorrect and it show “the device cannot start, (code 10)”. Moreover, there is a case when I’ve just moved the tablet on the cover magnets and the screen turned on.

  • I did factory reset on windows according to this answer, but it didn’t help (the issue works in any OS, remember?).
  • I’ve restricted for all devices to wake up the device using powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
  • Tried to disable the Power and Sleep buttons and set “Do nothing” for “closing lid option” in Power settings;
  • Tried to search drivers using Windows Update;
  • checked powercfg -lastwake – there was nothing;
  • checked windows event logs – there was nothing either.
  • Tried to disable waking up in BIOS ACPI settings, didn’t work.

Any ideas how to fix this? Cound BIOS reflashing fix this? I cannot put the working (but locked) tabled to my bag for travelling because it turns on, somehow unlocks (there is slide lock) and even started my browser. Twice. And it heats while screen is turned up in my bag.

P.S. The model is CWI527, Serial LQ64G42170901132, no memory card is installed.
P.P.S. When I turn a sound on and close the connected cover, it sounds like device disconnect, and like device connect when I open the cover, but I think Windows could just disable device in sleep mode due to battery saving.
P.P.P.S. It could turn the screen on only when I put the tablet to landscape, close the cover and turn it to portrait. And sometimes the screen turns off when I open the cover 0_o

I think, because of your explanations, that the problem is not Windows or drivers, but the physical connection of the tablet with the keyboard. Some of the keyboard connectors or contacts may not be working properly. Try to clean the contacts well and click on the connectors to see if the behavior of the set works correctly with the tablet closed.

As I mentioned, I’ve put insulator between table and keyboard connectors so the keyboard was not physically connected to the tablet, that’s 100% (and no connect/disconnect sound approved this). I think the issue is about sensors but I cannot find exactly the one(s) turning on the device.

Okay I’ve disabled entering Sleep on Lid in power management and checked the Event Viewer. So when I press the power button, close the lid and it turns on, I see “The system is exiting connected standby. Reason: lid”. I’ve disabled Ambient sensor in devmgmt.msc, but canno disable the ACPI Lid because it’s system device.

Here is the case: magnetic edge of the lid turns the screen off when these magnetics are close to the tablet, but the issue is – the sensor in tablet is in its top edge, and when I close the cover, magnets places a little lower than the magnetic sensor (or whatever is there) or moves there in my bag. Now the thing is, how can I disable the sensor so the device can be put in sleep mode only by power button, not lid?

P.S. The sensor is there, right near buttons, I’ve checked with magnet :smiley:

Okay I think I’ve found pretty crazy solution and put thin magnet (from old phone cases, you know) between cover and keyboard, and seems like it works :sweat_smile:

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wow, I take note