HI10 Plus - Screen Flickering - What Registry entry

Hi there,
unfortunately the forum is reset and i can not see the old entries.
With intel drivers the tablet is often “restarts” the screen: it goes black and then it is there again.
The Solution / Fix for that was to set an registry entry.
In the old Forum an moderator postet that solution. Now I can not find the old Forum posts anymore.
Does somebody know the “trick” what i have to do in the registry for that?

Thanks in advance

  1. Click start :arrow_right: Write Device Manager.

  2. Click on the dropdown of the display adapter.

  3. Right click on the “Intel HD Graphics” device.

  4. Click on “Update driver”

  5. *** Be careful with what is touched here. Press the Windows key + Letter R on the keyboard. Type “regedit”

  6. Locate the path through the folder tree (note, not done without the supervision of a major) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ GraphicsDrivers]
    “DisableOverlays” = dword: 00000001

  7. In the window on the right, right click and give new record Word (32)

  8. Put the button in hexadecimal, and write the number 1.
    Exit everything, and restart.

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