Hi10 x Ghosting

Hi! I’ve seen some other members having this same problem, but no real solution. How do I fix my brand new Chuwi Hi10 x? It keeps “clicking” on random spots on the screen. VERY frustrating. I can’t even type this topic, bcs it keeps moving the cursor!!!

Roberto, if it’s linked to the over-sensitive touchpad gestures, then please try the instructions in this video. I had a similar problem to you, then I found this video and it worked for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvMDXwpLMGw

The phantom touch started before my keyboard and touchpad came in the mail

HI, i have the same issue with touchscreen, did you found any solution?


Best Regards!

Not yet sorry. I’m going to write customer svc directly I guess.

hi, i have launched Hi10 X return process and ordered a HP Probook X360 as replacement.
good luck!


Any thoughts on this? It’s the digitizer I believe, that’s randomly picking up ghost signals. Any solutions?

I have this issue from months. No solutions…It is very annoying. Probably It is an hardware issue.