Touchpad ghost touches

Before I start let me say that I’ve already the script procedure disabling gestures. My problem is that the touchpad start acting by itself. Random clicks , moves, etc. It’s crazy! I have to disable my entire touchpad because of this. This needs an urgent fix! Asap! I really need my touchpad…

my old Hi10x has the similar problem, but not from Touchpad, extract from touchscreen.
i tried multiple solution no help, refunded.
i’m currently on HP ProBook X360, works fine for me.

I don’t know much about it. But I would like to learn more.

Same problem with my Hi10x. I thought it was a defect of my keyboard, so I returned the product and I was refunded. Then I bought a new Hi10x 2020 version and after few time i encountered the same issue. Mouse arrow moves and clicks randomly. It’s so frustrating. I must assume that this is not a hardware problem, but a software one. On my first tablet I tried reinstalling drivers, doing a clean boot of Windows and checked for malwares, without any success. Hope that on this forum someone could give us a hand!

I’ve bought another keyboard. The issue is gone… Seems a hardware problem… The new one works flawlessly.

well…it’s starting again… god’s only knows why… it’s frustrating!!! Anyone can help…?
I’ve noticed that it started after using hi6 pen. Maybe related…?

Try using a different charger as it can introduce “noise” into the battery that produces those ghosting.

I’m on battery power

You guys, I may have a theory… But I need you to test it. Can you try not to use hipen for a while and see if the random clicks still occur? I noticed that after i use my hipen6 the touchpad goes crazy…

I take it back… after long hours of testing, the clicks are back on both keyboards… only right click and some movement, but mainly right click one after another infinitely…

Huge drawback!

I have the H6 pen but I’ve only tried it when the tablet arrived on June. So i’m sure that this is not a problem linked with the pen.