Touchpad ghost touches

Before I start let me say that I’ve already the script procedure disabling gestures. My problem is that the touchpad start acting by itself. Random clicks , moves, etc. It’s crazy! I have to disable my entire touchpad because of this. This needs an urgent fix! Asap! I really need my touchpad…

my old Hi10x has the similar problem, but not from Touchpad, extract from touchscreen.
i tried multiple solution no help, refunded.
i’m currently on HP ProBook X360, works fine for me.

I don’t know much about it. But I would like to learn more.

Same problem with my Hi10x. I thought it was a defect of my keyboard, so I returned the product and I was refunded. Then I bought a new Hi10x 2020 version and after few time i encountered the same issue. Mouse arrow moves and clicks randomly. It’s so frustrating. I must assume that this is not a hardware problem, but a software one. On my first tablet I tried reinstalling drivers, doing a clean boot of Windows and checked for malwares, without any success. Hope that on this forum someone could give us a hand!

I’ve bought another keyboard. The issue is gone… Seems a hardware problem… The new one works flawlessly.