Touchpad driver needed

Hi10X Serial: Q128GH620602507

Touchpad is unusable as it keeps seeing mouse down as minimise all windows. No driver is loaded for touchpad and research shows one is needed.

I have tried installing the goodixtouch driver, but it didn’t work.

Please supply link to correct driver.


Hi Adnap, if your problem is linked to the over-sensitive touchpad gestures, then please try the instructions in this video. I had a similar problem to you, then I found this video and it worked for me:

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have already installed this and, while this does help a little, it doesn’t work if I use the tablet to access a remote desktop for example.

I’m hoping there is a proper solution provided by the manufacturer.

Try this tool
Set “disable gestures and hotkeys” in all boxes.
But i’m not sure if it will work for remote PC.