Hi10x pen stopped woking

My hi pen as stopped working have changed battery think its the hi pen 3 the all grey colour one any suggestions please I’m not very good with computers.

Hi, just in case, have you check battery voltage ? If the battery is out, it wont work. its a AAAA by the way.

Yes brand new pack of Duracell aaaa still not working?
Do I need to install drivers again?
Stop working after installing a windows update.

hi there, i have no clue for windows. Maybe you should search for new device with windows tool. I am extremely curious about this !! Please do tell if you find out : )

Hi, I should have follow upon this thread, even though I had a new pack of batteries they were flat I ordered another pack of Duracell aaaa and now all fine, must have been a duff pack of batteries.

Oh man yes, that was a weird badluck. I bought rechargeables, those little AAAA are expensive!

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