Hi10X problem with tuning on

Hi. I recently purchased a CHUWI hi10X. Laptop/tablet. It Worked great for about a month , then all of the sudden It just quit working, It won’t turn on even though it’s charged. I have a green light at the top left corner To let me know That it is fully charged. I have read all kinds of remedies on the net, tried Most of them , at least the ones that didn’t require anymore funds being put out, And yet Nothing has worked. I have Contacted CHUWI And still no reply. Any suggestions or help would be great.



It is an android 10. Have you tried to force boot a prompt to master reset it. I believe you have to hold keys downn such as power and volume up or down or both, you may found rhe righr combinaison on the net. From there you may be provided with few options. Reinstall it, or install a new ios etc…