[Hi12] Tutorials inaccessible to flash Windows & Android

As soon as I received my dual boot tablet 2 years ago [Hi12 Q64G4517 040 3840], I had trouble shutting down while on Android (there is no software shutdown to my knowledge). Over time, it has become more and more random so that I am often forced to do a hard reboot by keeping the button pressed for a long time. This restarts Windows by default (I cannot use a connected mouse in my use of it) and I then have to restart Android from Windows by software.
Basically, I’m afraid it’s a hardware problem (bad button contact), but I’d still like to try to reinstall everything (Windows and Android) because it’s become very unstable and painful to use.
On this forum I found this: https://forum.chuwi.com/t/topic/928
I downloaded the Android and Windows files but the link on the Windows and Android tutorials is dead.
How to find the right tutorials for the use of downloaded files?

Incidentally: is it possible to have a hardware problem repaired out of warranty in Europe and how to proceed?

I think the same, I think the problem is the power button. It is very easy to replace but first you have to get it. Write to aftersale@chuwi.com asking for the replacement and once you have it you can replace it with your means or with the help of a local technician.

As for the tutorial, the link where the tutorials are is: https://old.chuwi.com/thread-235-1-1.html but there is the tutorial to install Android, but here is another one: https://mega.nz/#!V0NzlKoY!xky9L2chSxYcZJdPDS1hj_G7fQtdFyUsw-ERiInReMs

Note that Android must always be installed first and Windows will be lost if the flash file is not used for Android installation (no_erase_all)

Thank you for your reply.

So, if replacing the button is easy, I’ll start by trying to get one and then try to replace it by myself. Otherwise, I will take the tablet to a local workshop.

Sorry, but the first link you give me (https://old.chuwi.com/thread-235-1-1.html) points to a 404 error.
I understand that you are in the process of migrating an old forum to this one, which would explain these broken links. I hope it will quickly get back to normal, at least until I get the button :smiley:

After many exchanges with “aftersale” by email on how to reinstall the software, I have not yet been able to get a consistent step-by-step between the different series of files offered and the tutorials. The dialogue is very difficult with the Chuwi company… When I heard about this forum I thought I could easily find a coherent solution, but it doesn’t look good.


Without https

I ordered and installed the switch. And then, a miracle: everything works well. Thank you for your help.

Thank you for the link above, but my browsers automatically convert it to https. Right now, it’s not a problem because my tablet doesn’t seem to need to re-install the systems after all.

I am very glad that your problem has been solved t that everything is working properly. I am happy to have been helpful. As for the links, Chuwi has already included in this forum - in the downloads and support section - the files necessary for the reinstallation of the systems: Link