High temperature and dented casing

A few days ago I bought the new Corebook X (i5-1235U) and everything was going pretty well, fast to boot and work, but I noticed that the area between the screen and the keyboard, where the power led is, reaches a fairly high temperature , to the point of not being able to hold the fingers placed in that area. Right in that same area, about 5 or 6 cm to the right of the power led, I can notice how the casing has a slight curve, as if there was a dent out of the casing. I don’t know if these two issues are related, but the issue of temperature worries me a lot.

On the other hand, I bought a 6-in-1 USB C HUB that also reaches an excessively high temperature.

These temperatures are reached without doing anything with the laptop, on the login screen.

If anyone could help me solve this problem, I would appreciate it.

All the best.


First, install HWMonitor to check if heat is coming from CPU and Motherboard.

In addition, I would say to check the Task Manager to see if CPU is running at 100% or so.

If on HWmonitor temperatures are high, probably, CPU is running at max power for some reason when it shouldnt. If on HWmonitor, temperatures are not that high, it may be an overheating issue in some power part of the device. I would recommend then to reach Chuwi store to activate warranty.