Hipad PRO - fast battery charge

Hello All,
in the Chuwi italian web site, the description of the Hipad Pro stated that it supports the fast battery recharge. (While there is not such text in the english versione of the site)
Do anyone know if it support or not?
and what power it allows?


Which model of Hipad Pro do you have? MTK or Qualcomm?
If Qualcomm, then yes.

Mine is the Mediatek version, that’s the reason why it takes 3,5 hours to recharge… I am very disappointed for that.
Btw I bought it on Amazon and there is not the Qualcomm version, is it related to specific market?

@Gio MTK does not have Quickcharge surely. Quickcharge is for Qualcomm only. My Qualcomm Hipad Pro takes about 1.5 hours for fully charged.

Qualcomm model of Hipad Pro is like off-record for Chuwi now. They changed from Qualcomm to MTK for some reason. It’s their first Qualcomm tablet so far. And they might feel they made something wrong in that model and they changed to MTK model.

There is new Qualcomm from Chuwi which is Hipad Max. I bought this one but don’t know how to unlock bootloader. If there is no clue about this, I will probably sell it and not buy any Qualcomm devices from Chuwi again.

Thanks for the explanation.