How to boot exernal USB (Linux)

I am trying to boot from an external USB and I am not seeing it as a boot option. I have gone over BIOS and I don’t see anything obvious to enable it. The drive boots in other PCs and I can the FAT partition fine when I boot into Windows 11 so the USB and drive is good.

What am I missing?

Upload the picture with the main BIOS window that contain all the main tabs.

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So I got back and did some more investigation. I think the problem is the drive I am trying to boot is actually a USB attached hard drive (NVME). It boots on some machines and not others, I don’t think it is a problem unique to Lark Box. The lark box does seem to boot from a USB flash drive as expected.

Maybe it depends on how you made that USB bootable.
Anyway, if some USB Stick works, it means there’s a way and you must follow that way only.

Turn off secure boot

that was the first thing I did.

It could be how it was formatted. the iso usb sticks boot fine. this one is a NVME drive that I formatted inside the laptop and then put it a small USB case, it boots fine on Lenovos and maybe that is the problem. it didn’t boot on the LB or an older Dell. I will try some more,

Ah , ok . Try install from the lenovos to the nvme case . Or enable csm in bios , is the lenovos bios or uefi?

for my immediate use case i can use the xm live stick. i also want to try putting a new drive the lark and installing MX linux to it. i expect that will work OK but then I have to open it up to swap drives. pro though is I don’t need to monopolize one of the USB