How to get a new pen with the warranty?

Hello everyone,
During the last year I bought and used a Chuwi UBook X with pen (H7) and keyboard. Unfortunately the pen does not work properly anymore, sometime it completely stop to write although the battery is new.

The Chuwi assistance told me, by e-mail, that the pen has an hardware problem and it should be repurchased. The communication with the Chuwi support stopped after that email.

I wrote to the Chuwi European store in Ebay where I bought the tablet to get the new pen, but the never answered me.

The question is: how can I get the new pen exploiting the warranty?

Thank you to all who want to help me.

Hello AlbertoR,

Did you send email to to ask for it inside warranty?


Yes, the Chuwi assistance, in the former post I wrote, was the email.

You can send it to