How to input home, end, page up, page down?

How do you type home, end, page up and page down on the UBook X keyboard? Usually (on other laptop keyboards) doing Fn+arrow keys inputs these keys, but it doesn’t work. Is there some driver I need to update? Thanks.

Hi, you can’t type these keys with Chuwi’s keyboard. They have not been programmed in the keyboard firmware.
If you need these keys, you will need a different keyboard. There are definitely good alternatives.

Thanks for your reply. But why would these keys be omitted? These are important keys that users need.

I bought this one.

Keyboard for Ubook X in German, Spanish, French, UK and Switzerland! - Windows Tablets / Other Models - CHUWI | Official Forum

However, you have to turn the magnets in the connector strip and under the touchpad (right and left under the touchpad) by 180 degrees.

But it is easy to implement.
I think it’s even better than the Chuwi keyboard.

You can install PowerToys and configure keyboard shortcut.