How to turn on the fan on windows 11?

Hi everybody, I installed windows 11 and now the fan is not working, how can I turn it on?

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Hello! I have the same issue. Fan is not working after upgrade to Windows 11. Did you found a solution? Thanks!

After installation of Intel Dynamic Tuning DDT fan start to work. So update intel drivers and you good to go.

Thanks for the advice Boriss

Please can you advise where you downloaded the fan drivers for Chuwi Larkbox Pro for Windows 11?

The Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework is a driver that is provided by each system manufacturer because these drivers are related to the system design/customization.

Are they the same drivers that are referenced in another post
( Windows 11 update per Chuwi):

Intel(R) Dynamic and Thermal Framework
Display Participant
Fan Participant
Generic Participant
Processor Participant

Are you able to supply a download link for a driver, which will manage the fan, for the Larkbox Pro for Windows 11 please?