Larkbox pro won't boot after installing Win 11!

just without any reason the Larkbox stopped booting and there is no signal from HDMI to the monitor
I can’t hear the fan working.
when attaching a Keyboard to access it won’t work.

is there any help !

Question - does the LED above the power switch light up at all?

yes it does light up and then nothing

yes it does light up

I disassembled the unit and unplugged the battery power supply
and after that assembled the unit and it didn’t work
is there something else I can do

Then it looks like Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) has been “destroyed”.

Maybe it will work with the tool:

  • but costs.
    I have other ideas.

If necessary, send an email to:
maybe you can
help you.

I found out the the fan does not work , maybe the device is overheating and not working because of that ?

Maybe this programme will help:


what this software will do??
it is a clear hardware issue !!