Larkbox pro won't boot after installing Win 11!

just without any reason the Larkbox stopped booting and there is no signal from HDMI to the monitor
I can’t hear the fan working.
when attaching a Keyboard to access it won’t work.

is there any help !

Question - does the LED above the power switch light up at all?

yes it does light up and then nothing

yes it does light up

I disassembled the unit and unplugged the battery power supply
and after that assembled the unit and it didn’t work
is there something else I can do

Then it looks like Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) has been “destroyed”.

Maybe it will work with the tool:

  • but costs.
    I have other ideas.

If necessary, send an email to:
maybe you can
help you.

I found out the the fan does not work , maybe the device is overheating and not working because of that ?

Maybe this programme will help:


what this software will do??
it is a clear hardware issue !!

I have a similar problem right now. but I did not install windows 11, computer 2 rebooted after the blue screen and no longer turns on, there is only power. The LED turns on, turns off and then lights up through system booting. The problem was discovered on September 22. It seems a crooked bios update has arrived.

The problem when installing Windows 11 and the problem that the fan does not turn will be solved by rewriting to the BIOS that I uploaded before (the BIOS that always turns the fan).
Most of the problems are due to overheating because the fan doesn’t spin and the heat can’t be exhausted.
I got the BIOS from a customer early on and uploaded it to the forums to solve this problem a few years ago.
My LarkBoxPro is working fine on Windows 11.