Larkbox Pro stop working after windows 10 updtae

hi, i need help, my larkbox cant boot to windows after update. I noticee that chuwi windows startuo logo change to default windows startup logo. I try boot with my usb media creation tool to reset the pc, but still cant reset, i even try to install a new windows on C drive but cannot progress. please help me

I’ve had my Larkbox since their IndieGogo campaign and not had any serious problems, so far. I use the Coretemp shareware program to monitor CPU temps and if they get too close to 90 and stay there I just turn on a little 5" fan I have at my desk at point it towards the system which helps pull it down. I also knew from the beginning this was just a play computer so I dont keep any critical files on it. When Microsoft first came out with Windows 11 Beta I even installed it and then when the official release came out I erased everything and loaded it. With my setup I got the extra 240GB M.2 SSD and always install Windows there. I use the soldered in 128GB drive to keep the driverstore folders with all the special drivers needed after a complete wipe and reload. I always use the official Windows 10/11 from Microsoft created using their Media Creation program to a flash drive. Looking at your picture if I was wanting to reload Windows and there were no files I needed to get off of what’s there I would delete each partition it shows (on whatever drive I was installing to) until it was all down to just 1 area and then tell Windows to install there. It will handle things after that. After Windows gets thru with that install I would go into Device Manager and go thru each item that showed it had no driver and point it to the built in drive (or an external one) where I keep all the special drivers. There are LOTS of items needing one of those special drivers so be patient and get them all. After all drivers are installed I would then go thru and get all the Windows Updates. It should work good after that. At least that has been my experience and I have probably wiped and reloaded mine lots of times, sometimes just for fun. I have LOTS of systems and enjoy messing with them. Good luck and holler if you have any problems.

thanks…so you suggest me to install m2 SSD and install windows on that drive?
can you share with me your disk management storage screenshot?

yes, that’s what i would do, install windows on the m2 ssd. again, looking at your screenshot of your current layout, if there are no personal files on any of those areas that you need, i would tell windows to just delete each area, on drive 0 and drive 1. then tell windows to install windows on whichever one is the m2 ssd. on a complete reinstall of windows using the windows 10/11 that you created using their media tool, windows knows what to do to build each of the partitions back the way they are supposed to be. i have attached my current partition layout from disk management. i noticed mine shows drive 0 as the m2 ssd and drive 1 as the internal 128gb. p.s. i assume you have another working system that you used to create the Windows 10 or 11 boot media on a flash drive? and that you can use to download the special drivers you will need and put them to another flash drive?

p.p.s. looking again at your screenshot your drive 0 looks like the original soldered down drive in the larkbox and the drive 1 looks like your usb flash drive with windows setup on it. if you don’t have a m2 ssd that’s ok, you can still just reinstall to the built in drive, but that first step i would do at the point in the windows setup where your screenshot is would be to delete all the partitions on drive 0. then tell the windows installer to install there. windows knows what to do and how to do it from that point. you dont have to format it or anything, just delete all partitions spaces and get it down to just the 1 area on drive 0 and tell windows setup to install there. after windows is installed then you will have to have another flash drive ready with all the special drivers you will need to get it fully working. holler if you have more questions.