LarkBox does not work after Windows10 v2004 update

My LarkBox can not be rebooted after updating to Windows10 v2004.

Then, I tried to recover my LarkBox by instructed procedures, but even recovery disc does not work.

Thank you in advance for your helpful comments.


Prepare a USB dongle with MediaTool.
Boot from dongle.
Don’t install Windows but go to the tools (small link at bottom)
There, you choose the Advanced options
Try Restore from latest registry Restore point

Thank you Alain,

My LarkBox arrived today. I had been waiting for it for so long.

I installed all my applications, then proceeded to do all the windows updates and all it does after that is boot into BIOS.

I’m currently building a Windows boot USB and hope that it works as per your instruction.

However, I must say how disappointed I am in the manufacturer Chuwi… I have looked at other threads on this forum where people have described their problems, and basically not a single response from Chuwi themselves.

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Yes, there’s something wrong with ‘updating to W 2004’, as installing a fresh 2004 on a SSD works fine. Dunno why…

Thanks Alain.

The system wouldn’t stop going into BIOS until the power plug was removed.

After that, it would go to repair options, but as no System Restore point was available, I was unable to roll back that way.

In the end, I found an option to uninstall the last feature update, which obviously removed the 2004 update, and it came back to life.

I would really like to use the latest Windows build. Now that I have an image of the working system made with Macrium, I may try the update one more time… Failing that, will install from scratch.

Do you know if a clean install of Windows will activate on the LarkBox without trouble?

The only other issue I have with it right now is the fan noise. It is not generally a problem when using it to watch media, as the volume from my speakers drowns out, but when things go quiet it’s pretty obvious even in a largish room… Can you share any tweaks to help reduce fan noise?

OK, finally a little clarity on the 2004 build.

It appears that Microsoft does not consider the LarkBox compatible with the 2004 update.

It won’t install on my machine, the eMMC version, either by booting the USB key, or by running the install within Windows itself.

When trying to install the update from USB key in Windows, the truth is finally revealed, as per the screen snip.

Clicking on the Learn More link sends you to this page -

So, now we know…I’ll just wait and enjoy the box as-is :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you brought it back to life! :+1:
But what you say about win 2004 update is really strange : I did install 2004 on it !! And it’s working :thinking:
A fresh install on a SSD works…
About fan noise, I have unfortunately no fix nor trick: everybody is still looking for one :frowning:

Thanks Alain,

I have a hunch that Windows 2004 will install fine if it detects an M.2 SATA SSD. The embedded eMMC must be a different enough animal for Microsoft to deem it potentially not compatible for the time being (apparently they use some machine learning algorithms to determine what system configurations are more likely to succeed with the update).

I ordered a 240GB SATA M.2 today, so I’ll give it another go when that arrives…it was so cheap anyway, and the system should run faster once installed :slight_smile:

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That make sense, maybe some sort of Windows wizardy :rofl::+1:

Just to share. 2004 fresh install works fine for me. eMMC is detected.

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Yep, I can confirm that

Where do you get a fresh install of 2004 from? The downloadable image from Chuwi is the original version, not 2004.

From Microsoft website (Media Tool creation)
You can pick missing drivers from eMMC

I received a SSD version larkbox, updated Windows and now can’t update do 2004. Now I am planning to do a fresh install on my SSD.

Where do I find those missing drivers for eMMC? How do I install it?

Missing drivers are in Windows/System32/
From Device Manager,spot the ‘unknown’ and do a Manual Update Driver choosing From My Drive

Thanks, good to know. I am still afraid, though. My Larkbox is working great, fan and everything, better not mess with it for now…

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I can’t disagree with that…:grin:

…me too, no problem applying v.2004, but I also have the upgraded Kingston 256GB SSD as drive ‘C’ and the ‘crappy’ 128GB SSD as drive ‘D.’ …hmmm, I wonder if the v.2004 ‘upgrade’ wrecks the 1GB EFI partition on the 128GB SSD ?

Yep, SSD has moved to C and eMMC to D… Quite surprising

…turns out (very low tech solution) if you just lean an index card against the front of the LarkBox (w/o blocking the vent) it ‘damps’ the sound a decibel or two, just enough to take the edge off the intermittent whine.

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