How to type numbers from taskbar keyboard?

I enjoy using the onscreen keyboard that’s invoked when I tap into text box, combining the keyboard with voice to text. But, the top row of the keyboard, the qwerty row, has numbers on the ten letter keys, they’re greyed out and there’s no obvious way to use them, so I have to go to the numeric/symbol keyboard screen to enter numbers. Does anyone know how to invoke the numbers on the alphabet keyboard?

Long press (+/- 1 second) on one of those keys and a pop-up will show various other characters “hidden” under that key. Without releasing your finger from the screen, slide to the character you want to insert and release. It will then be inserted instead of the main character of that key. The numbers are always the second suggestion next to the main character, which is why thy show up slightly greyed out.

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Thanks! So good to know!

Do you have a settings icon on the on-screen keyboard (top left)? If so you can enable numbers as an extra row above the letter keys permanently. I can do it on my desktop PC but can’t find the option on my Chuwi tablet for some reason though, maybe you can. Pic attached: