HW issue after 1y : no boot / no bios

Hi all,

It seems that I have an HW issue on my Laptop.
The DCPack is working and can charge the laptop : GreenLED on power input.
When I try to power on :

  • nothing on screen or HDMI out : no BIOS screen :frowning:
  • no power on LED or keyboard LED : nothing…
  • No fan
    The only LED that I found are in the M2 slot : 2 red LED are on the M2 SSD

Do you have any information on how the fix this issue ?

My laptop is a brick now :weary:

Thx for your support

I’m surprise to see any label, serial number on the laptop :astonished:
It seems to be a very poor traceability or customer support.
I sent a email to service@chuwi.com to check if I will have a feedback.

BTW, To all,
Could you give me more feedback on the behaviours of the boot sequence ?
When I press the power key on the keyboard (top / right)

  • press 3s ==> power on, 3 led color (top left) , screen on, BIOS slash screen, …
  • press 10s ==> HW power off

fyi, I tried to plug a USB pen drive with an LED to check the USB port activity the boot process = nothing :weary: