I can't remove my backcover from Chuwi Corebook X

I can’t seem to remove the backcover of my laptop. I’m trying to add another ram stick.
I’ve unscrewed the 2 hidden screws behind its two rubber things. (and the rest of them)
The backcover seems to get stuck from the start of the keyboard to the monitor hinge. I don’t want to force it since it feels strange.


I use an old credit card to open it. With patience and care, you will have to slide the card towards the closed part, it will sound a little click each time the internal tabs are opening.

You will also have to remove the rear rubber feet that hide a screw each.


Hello, thanks for the help, I’ve managed to open and upgrade it.

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For all of you who are going to open the lid, be careful if you have a micro sd in the unit because you will break it like I did :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I upgraded to 16 GB of ram.

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