I received the pc with Window 10 expired.

I bought your pc on Amazon with window already expired, in the description it said it was included.

First news that I have that the Windows 10 licenses pre-installed on the devices may expire. Please write to service@chwi.com

Hello, we have the same problem, when I tried to troubleshoot, the only solution given by Windows is to buy a new license.

Note that it’s the second unit that we buy of the same model in Amazon (Chuwi Hi10X). We had to return the first one. We need inmediate assistance to fix this issue since my wife need the tablet for her test

Open “Start” menu
Enter cmd , you will see " Command Prompt", run it as administator
Enter the following command:
wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
(you can paste it with RMB or ctrl+v)
Press Enter

If you have windows 10 home installed, the system should automatically activate the key and you do not need to enter it.