I want install wifislax on CHUWI HI10X but boot loader don'to work

Hi, I have a problem.
Download a version of Ubuntu on the Hi10X chuwi. I set the boot with USB, but as soon as I click on the UEFI USB it doesn’t start! and I must log in to windows. Why? Dual boot doesn’t work either

I think you need uefi support on ubuntu image. I am not sure if they have 32bit uefi or not.

I think hi10x just be having 32bit uefi while os and cpu is 64bit.

You might have to add 32bit uefi file yourself.

@Management or someone from chuwi team can confirm if hi10x uses 32bit uefi then i can share the file to copy which can help you run ubuntu.

Do I actually need to install a 32-bit version of Ubuntu? Quite right?
i should install wifislax actually.

I have no idea about wifislax.
Can you try manjaro 32bit version and see if you can boot into live usb. If that works that means you have 32bit uefi.
Link: Download

just load the iso file in the pendrive or should i always use unetbootin?

nothing, I installed the x32 with unebootin but nothing. It does not work!
I also tried to do in dual bot but it doesn’t go either !! Shouldn’t dual bot go equally?

Did you try to set the first boot to usb stick in bios?
Can you share the steps you followed from the beginning?

Dual boot needs grub or special bootloader in case of Android.

Yes, see: imgur.com/a/1ThCzmG

I do not know what to do…

Hi, did you manage to install Wi-fi lax?

No… I have problem with boot!

Did you try booting from usb stick? Like either use usb key as first boot sequence or manually boot from usb stick.

It will take some time for usb stick to load as it will be blank screen then you should be able to see grub.

Yes I tried to boot from USB, that’s what I told you. But as soon as I am in the boot selection and I click “UEFI: NAME pendrive” nothing happens and it brings me back to the boot selection screen!

Which usb drive are you using. Some drives are not good to be bootables.

Maybe test the and drive on any other device just to check if it can boot fine.
Other then this idk until u have a device to test.

The problem that works on any other pc, except on chuwi and mediacom. I have already tried, the same stylus works on an hp pavillon g6

Then it is something to do with the BIOS. I cannot think of anything else until I test it myself and I don’t have the device to test it.

Sorry someone with linux knowledge who have this device can try and help you.

it’s a shame not to be able to use this minipc with linux! Isn’t there a way to proceed with the installation of linux without uefi? Dual boot not working

Only chuwi support team can help you in this. Or If they can send me a test device then I can help.

@puohif Don’t worry Manjaro Linux is soon going to come pre-installed with a Mini PC so you can buy it once it is out :wink:

But I need kali linux / wifislax :frowning:

Once it have Linux Pre-installed then you can install any linux ditro on it :wink:

Ahh very good when it comes out?