Intel TDP not met . TDP restricted to 6W . Temps normal

So recently purchased a Herobook Plus with the J3455 Gemini Lake Celeron . This CPU is rated at 10W TDP , though the CPU within the Herobook Plus rarely reaches over 6W TDP . The tempreture is well under 60 degrees and the TDP limiter prevents the CPU running at its boost clock

I was interested to find ways to get this CPU running at its proper TDP . As shown in the screen shot and within the Link , this CPU has a designed TDP of 10W

Screenshot from 2023-08-26 12-59-40

I have achieved this with various other brands of Laptop with Apollo lake and Gemini Lake CPU. I am interested to see how others have achieved this with this Herobook Plus or other Chuwi Apollo Lake/ Gemini lake CPU

I have yet to receive any news on how to get the J3455 chip running at 10W TDP … I have looked everywhere and exhausted the options I have .

Which tools should be used to allow the chip to run at Intel’s specification ? I have tried ‘Throttlestop’ and ‘RWEverything’ … Though my efforts this far have made no difference to the TDP value, this seems to be hard written in to the Chuwi Bios

It seems that there is some imposed limitation put on the J3455 within this laptop , to prevent the CPU running above 6W … I have checked temperatures, they are always under 60 Celsius . I see no reason why the true TDP value should not be an option in BIOS , perhaps the BIOS options can be opened to allow the end user to use the designed TDP for this CPU