LapBook pro broken hinge

Hello. bought a laptop from the CHUWI Official store on aliexpress a little less than a year ago. A week ago, the hinges that hold the screen broke. the screen cannot be opened at this time. @managment Please answer me.

Hi, I purchased my almost new Chuwi Lapbook Pro less than a year ago. I enjoyed 3 months of use and then the left hinge mounting broke. This has caused havoc as the Lapbook is now dead. Please help!

Hi, same problem with hinges for me, but in my LAPBOOK SE. I need to know how to open the screen (my screen is little cracked), in order to arrive to remove the screws tha fix the hinge on the screen.

It has happened to me with three Chuwi laptops, with three. They have not fixed any of them and they do not give me explanations from customer service.
In the end I have chosen, when possible and the screen is not broken, to fix it myself.
I use mural 21 to fix the screws to the base and then super glue and baking soda.
With this I hope it lasts a few months.
Of course, never again chuwi. There are infinitely better and cheaper teclast laptops.
All the best.

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same thing happened to me. I asked Chuwi for the spare part and they say they don’t have it.
It is impossible to repair, I will try with glue and baking soda