Wrist strap fixing plastic break

Hi, December 10th, I got the Lapbook Pro (8GB / 256GB) laptop, which I was completely satisfied with yesterday … because unfortunately both the right and left hinges broke. The plastic cracked and cracked around all four screw bases. The laptop has become unusable.

Sorry for your experience,please contact service@chuwi.com.

Thanks for the reply, yes I have already written to service@chuwi.com (24.12.2019), and I also sent a photo and a video to aftersale@chuwi.com. , but no reply came.

Please tell me your email address.

Thank you, Chuwi aftersale@chuwi.com has already contacted me via email.

Greetings to everyone! 3 months later today I received a new keyboard case to repair the wrist strap. I managed to install the parts, and my Lapbook Pro can be reused. Thanks !

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