Wrist strap fixing plastic break

Hi, December 10th, I got the Lapbook Pro (8GB / 256GB) laptop, which I was completely satisfied with yesterday … because unfortunately both the right and left hinges broke. The plastic cracked and cracked around all four screw bases. The laptop has become unusable.

Sorry for your experience,please contact service@chuwi.com.

Thanks for the reply, yes I have already written to service@chuwi.com (24.12.2019), and I also sent a photo and a video to aftersale@chuwi.com. , but no reply came.

Please tell me your email address.

Thank you, Chuwi aftersale@chuwi.com has already contacted me via email.

Greetings to everyone! 3 months later today I received a new keyboard case to repair the wrist strap. I managed to install the parts, and my Lapbook Pro can be reused. Thanks !

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Hello, I am having exactly the same problem on the left hinge of my Chuwi Lapbook Pro bought on December 2, 2019 and which broke today.
The device has always been used at home taking care of it. I would like the same solution please.

Please describe the problem of your equipment to the aftersales department carefully, preferably including photos.

I just sent an email explaining the problem to: aftersale@chuwi.com
with pictures.
my address is: n.chalopet@hot****.fr

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