Laptop screw and hot butning on bottom right side!

I have the same problem of other thread about the screws that fell down by themselves…
Someone found the size of the screw? Mine has only 3 remained, I hade to close the SSD top with tape to use the 2 screws…and I open this other thread about the fact that the CPU is SO HOT that melted the left internal plastic where the display pivot !!!

Yeah I doubt your CPU is getting hot enough to melt plastic, sir. By default, these units will thermal throttle at 75°C, and they’ll sit there permanently should load persist. The lowest power commit is 3w, and if your ambient temperature is hot enough so as not to dissipate a measly 3w of heat then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than a laptop.

It sounds like you’ve been tinkering in BIOS or with some software like XTU or ThrottleStop. Maybe don’t do that, and set the thermal limits back to their defaults in BIOS. (Hint, don’t reset the BIOS to defaults, because that won’t fix the issue. Just change back whatever settings you changed).

But, like I say, plastic doesn’t melt at 75°C, so if you really are experiencing some melting of plastic, it’s probably not the CPU. It might be your VRM network, but again, you’d have had to fiddle with BIOS or thermal limits somehow.

As for the screw size, you can find screw sets on Amazon or eBay with a multitude of different threads, lengths and sizes. This will be your best bet. It’s too hard for an average person to measure the size of a small screw without specialist tools.


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