Larkbox - Boot loop into BIOS after installing Windows 11

I enabled Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 module, but after installing windows 11, I get stuck in a boot loop where it goes into the BIOS.

Has anyone else managed to get Windows 11 working? It passed all the readiness checks prior to the upgrade.

Thanks OP, good luck.

I can’t even get my BIOS to show a TPM module, so the install won’t start. Running Larkbox 5.13 BIOS GB01_ZW_1_03. How did you get your TPM module to show?

Error in BIOS screen - No Security Device Found in Trusted Computing, despite having set and reset it multiple times.

Question for CHUWI - How to enable TPM module in my Larkbox?

Also dear CHUWI - Please help your customers run Win 11 on their still-new Larkboxes!

CHUWI, please guide your users to official support resources for Windows 11 install/troubleshooting.

If you are reading this, please weigh in with a reply to make CHUWI see that some users need a bit of help upgrading their recent purchases to Windows 11 :slight_smile:

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OK, I got my TPM module recognized in BIOS - Windows 11 install underway.

Here’s thread explaining how to get TPM module recognized in BIOS - Windows 11 update per Chuwi - #5 by Temrotec

Mine was recognised too. But I can’t get it to see the eMMC storage to install Windows 11 on when booting from Windows 11 media and doing a fresh install.

Installing Windows 11 as an update requires TPM2.0 active as a hardware requirement. Test this first in WIN10 by key combination [Win] + R, tpm.msc and see if at the bottom right it says “specification version 2.0”. If not, the TPM must be activated in the BIOS, sometimes with several attempts and reboot until the result is obtained via BIOS, Advanced, Security Device Support [Enable].
TPM20 Device Found
Vendor : INTC
Firmware version : 401.0

TPM2.0 UEFI Spec version [TCG_2]
Device select [Auto]

Retest in win10 tpm.msc and see if Windows recognizes the TPM as version 2…

Now you can update Win 11 over Win10 using Microsofts " Installation Assistant for Windows 11" or wait until the update will be made available automatically.


(an update to Win11 is even possible without TPM2.0 with a registry hack in an existing Win 10 and for a completely new Win11 installation in the PE setup)

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I have a Larkbox and first installed one of the beta release Windows 11 and after it was released officially on Oct 5 I installed the official version. Didn’t have any problems with any of it but there are a few things that have to be done after Windows 10 or 11 is freshly installed. So right after it’s installed and all Windows updates installed a check of device manager shows it is missing a bunch of drivers. In my case when I ordered the Larkbox I got the additional 256gb sata drive installed in the spare slot. So when I install Windows I install it on that spare drive and use the ssd soldered to the motherboard for the additional drivers I know a fresh install will need. So once Windows 11 was installed to the extra ssd I went into device manager and pointed all missing drivers to the driverstore folder I had saved from the original Windows 10. There are about 20 or so drivers missing but once they are all installed it works like a champ. I use CoreTemp program to monitor the temps. It usually runs in the mid to upper 50’s C.

Larkbox pro here bios 5.13 enable tpm several times and rebooted cant upgrade to windoz 11