Limiting the battery charge of chuwi laptop to 80%

Is it possible in any way to limit the battery charge from the mains to 80%? To prevent overcharging of the battery when operating from the mains.

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Agree such a feature would be great to have. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to do this.

On devices that allow it, it’s because there is either a vendor-provided utility (Asus, Dell, Lenovo, …), or at least a BIOS setting (Framework). Chuwi would have to develop a similar method specific to their hardware. I don’t think that’s going to happen, especially this late in the product cycle.

Short of that, maybe another manufacturer’s utility could work but I doubt it. Asus and Dell internals are always very customized but if there is some Lenovo device using the same ITE IT8987E EC that offers this setting, it might be worth trying.

Chuwi’s design for the CoreBook X is based on an Emdoor model. Unfortunately Emdoor is a manufacturer targeting a very specific market, and they don’t have any driver or utility downloads posted on their website:

Still, maybe some general-purpose tool such as RwEverything or even NBFC could be made to do this - with the knowledge of the underlying hardware.

If you go to settings in Windows and type in Battery then click on you will see various ways to help. If you also go on the web and type in Power Efficient Settings in Windows there is information that may help. I have a Chuwi tablet that with an app in the windows shop also notifies me when the battery reaches my preferred level of battery power.

Further to my previous comment I have an ASUS laptop which has the My ASUS app.Within this app it has two setting for the charging of the battery. The first allows you to set the charging at 80% and another setting which if left on charge only allows you to go up to 60% allowing a greater battery life. As to wether MIcrosoft has an app that also does this I am not too sure. Try downloading all the battery apps in Windows an see if any allow this ability, you can always delete them if not.

FYI, Linux does this by default if you install TLP (which is command line only) but you can also install tlpui which is a GUI for the utility. It allows you to control how AC/Battery power is managed in many interesting ways. By default, it keeps the battery at 80%, and lets it go down to 75% before charging again when on AC power. You can change these settings with the .conf file.

More info here:

I only run Linux Manjaro on the Corebook X and it’s working really well. However I’m still waiting for a replacement battery under warranty. It’s been out of stock for a few months already, with no update yet, which is quite frustrating.

Hello. Yesterday I received my new chuwi coreboke i5 1035g4, 8gb ram, 512gb SSD, win11. Everything seems working fine. I have problem with charging. When I plug in the charger it shows charging but it charge to only 65% of the battery and no more. Could you please help me to resolve this issue? Thanks