Linux on Aerobook Pro

How can I install linux on my Aerobook Pro?
Did anyone manage to do that?
I installed linux on many laptops before, but I just cannot boot into a live image on this one.
It throws errors during boot then hangs, and it feels someting is wrong with how it accesses the USB.
On a different system I would play around with the relevant settiings in the BIOS, but the current default bios on the Aerobook Pro is so incredibly restricted, there are no options to try.
This is pretty infuriating.
Also, no options to change the default behaviour of the function keys, let alone adjust TDP limits.
This really isn’t good.
Anyway, is there a more open BIOS out there, or has anyone managed to boot into linux from USB?
(Thw windows installer does boot well from USB by the way, but none of the linux images I tried did, no matter how I created the image. I tried 3-4 different utilities and all their options.)
Thanks in advance.