Linux on gemibook pro

i have tried to install several linux distros (fedora, manjaro, ubuntu mate) on my gemibook and none of them were working properly. i got screen issues like sreen moving left to right like flickering. maybe im doing something wrong so anoyone willing to help me out?

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I have the same problem. I’m using POP OS and I have the same problem when I boot with 5.13 kernel. But if I use 5.11.0-7633-generic it works well. So I suggest you to install this kernel.

And how is the battery life?

after boot or doing CPU intense tasks (updating, opening windows etc.) shows 3-4 hours. but after a while as CPU slows down the battery shows 7 to 8 hours. (for a fully charged battery)

Not bad i guess. How do i install 5.11 kernel?

Update: I’ve got the same problem now both on 5.11 and 5.13 kernels. It disappears if I change display scaling. However, I’m writing on other forums to find solutions

Same here. I managed to get zorin os to work when i change the screen resolution, that was the only solution i figured. None of the suggestions on other forums helped me

I started using Manjaro on the laptop and it performs very well without any Hardware problems. The Screen scalation I use to see it fine is 125%.

Whats wrong? I like manjaro but couldn’t get the screen to work properly. Other than that it was good

I was mad cause I started having hardware problems with no reason. But, what happens with your screen? In my case it was working fine.

What kind of hardware problems? In my case the screen flickers and tears, move from left to right. The only solution i came up with, close the laptop lid and open it after a few seconds.

My USB-C stopped working for no reason and after some days the computer didn’t boot up in any OS, neither on a Bootable USB, even after resetting the bios.

How did you install Manjaro? I installed it with the Open source drivers and it was working with no problems.

My usb c is non functional from day one :rofl: could you get back to windows? I suggest you try zorin os if you want a linux distro. Also i think i have installed it (manjaro) with open source drivers

My USB-c was working fine, on Linux and on clean windows install. It’s not about the OS, it’s about the motherboard. I know Zorin, but I don’t like the appearance. In any case, I asked for a refund because I’m in the first two weeks. The USB problem was bad, but the screen f****ed me very hard.
And about Manjaro…I don’t know what to say, only try to reinstall and use the open firmware.