Graphical glitches on startup (Ubuntu 21.04)

Hello everyone,
On my Chuwi Gemibook I find a consistent presence of graphical glitches (as if the frequency were wrong) when starting Ubuntu and the only way to eliminate them is to change the resolution and then return to the default one.
Unfortunately, I only detect this problem on Ubuntu while with other distributions I never had problems.
How can I try to solve?


I am using Linux: fedora 34 and I have the same issue on my Chuwi GemiBook with Intel Corporation GeminiLake [UHD Graphics 600] .
I recorder issue and here is a YouTube link: Fedora 34 screen shaking/wiggling on Chuwi GemiBook (Intel Graphic UHD 600) - YouTube

Also when I try connect my laptop to external monitor using USB-C/VGA adapter, laptop display goes black and I have to hard reset to restore responsiveness.

I could not find any way to resolve this problem besides changing resolution method that you mentioned. I think it is drivers fault because on Windows I did not observe this issue. I posted issue on gitlab but for now without any response, here is the link: Shaking/wiggling screen problem with Intel Graphics (#4012) · Issues · drm / intel you can join and post your logs and maybe that would bring the more attention.
I hope it will be fixed soon.

I had the same problem, kernel 5.15 did the magic.