Gemibook Pro 14 N5100 Random Reboots

Anyone experiencing random reboots. Just got this Chuwi Gemibook Pro for Christmas and so far I have been experiencing a random reboot. Usually occurs while surfing the web. System will go dark, and the boot screen will appear.


Never had problems. Did you update your drivers Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

The system is up to date through Windows Update and the drivers and such offered there. I haven’t installed any driver software like the Intel driver and support assistant. I am up to 22H2 on Windows 11. It rebooted on me just prior to checking the forums.

Happened to me too on a Chuwi Minibook. The odd part is it only happens when I’m using the charger. My temporary solution is to use it without connecting a charger, and just charge it after. A friend suggested resetting the computer. I have not done that yet.

I reset my laptop this evening. Will see what happens. I hadn’t had any random reboots in the past couple days. Instead, I started getting blue screens which started after trying to do some intel updates. Last night I had two blue screens within about 20 minutes of each other with the stop code for whea uncorrectable error. I reset the computer tonight and have been using it for about 45 minutes now and so far, so good. The only thing I use it for is surfing the web on Microsoft Edge. I really want this laptop to work. I love the screen and the size. I’m a little underwhelmed by the processor but like I said it’s for browsing mostly. I have a couple more weeks in which to return it. If the reboots and crashes continue, it will go back.