Linux on UBook pro

I found the topic that aerobook plus supports Linux os recently.

I have a uBook pro 8100Y. The linux image can be installed on uBook, or does any similar image for uBook pro exist ?

Hi, Solus linux work for me with 8100y Download | Solus

Are you using Ubook pro 8100Y ? Also, I want to ask you, which Solus you use, budgie, MATE or another ?

You can see bugie at the pic :wink:

Thanks, Tximy.
I successfully made my Ubook up as triple boot machine, Windows10, Phoenix(android7.1) and Solus Linux.
Normally, the first partition, EFI, is 100MB but it is too small. I re-parted it to 1GB and re-install windows10. Foenix must be installed from windows by .exe file. I’m not sure the reason but from iso image could not be installed. Solus bugie was easy installed except one problem. It is that display was rotated 180 degree initially. I needed script “Xrandr --output eDP-1 --rotate normal” in ~/.config/autostart. Also, I adjusted /efi/boot/grub.cfg for Solus.