Max speed and size for SD card reader

I’m thinking on extending the storage of the minibook with a micro-SD card, in addition to the 128 GB EMMC and the 512GB SSD. The SDcard I want to buy is 512 GB and has some decent read/write speeds (180 MB/s read, 90 MB/s write. This is much cheaper and easier than replacing the SSD (also because Idid instal Windows on the SSD to improve performance)
As I want to only use it for storage only (no programs and definetely no Windows) this read/write speed should be sufficient.

However, does anyone know what the maximum size can be for theSD reader? Is it 512 GB compatible? And does anybody know if the reader itself support some decent read/write speeds? (like, not a slow USB2.0 reader which is limited at 30 MB/s?

I don’t know the speed. However, I am using 512GB micro SD card well.

Do you know what read/write speeds you have with your SD card? And how that corresponds with the given read/write speeds of the SD card itself? (like, your SD crd is specified to read at 150 MB/s the most, but the Minibok only reaches 25 MB/s)

I just got myself a 128GB sd card which has some decent read and write speeds, and put it into the Minibook, just to ensure the SD reder is not connected by an internal usb2.0 bus.
I got the following r/w speeds for the SD card in the minibook:


So for now I’m going to order a 512GB card, knowing the SD reader supports some decent read and writing speeds.

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