MiniBook J4125 Headphone Jack Loose Problem

Hi Aftersales and folks,

My brand new MiniBook J4125 (bought it 3 weeks ago) has a prolbelm with Headphone Jack as follows.

When I listen to a music by plugging my headphone or speaker in the jack, it sometimes go sillence at R side, or L side, or both.
The symptom easily changes when re-plugged.

So I guessed the cause might be a loose contact around the connector, opened the back cover to examin myself, then found that the contact between the female jack and the substrate is very loose, easily the soldered terminal is lifted from the substrate when the jack gets week force.

I wrote an email to 8 days ago, with a video and partnumber, for a possible support, but no response so far.

Maybe my email is captured in your spam-box.
Could you check the spam-box in your email by the following info, or maybe I’d better re-send the info on this site if it is easier for you.

Email date: 2022-06-09, 13:05 (JST)
Subject: MiniBook J4125 Headphone Jack Loose Problem
From: murata (at) gemdt (dot) com

Hi folks, haven’t you experienced the mechanical problem with the Headphone jack?

  • hirosan

i learned that the email addr for warranty service is i contacted them, and got an arrangement for repair.