MINIBOOK X N100 - Stuck Pixel on Display

Is it normal to have a stuck pixel on the display? i bought mine brand new and it has not been one week with me, and I noticed that it has a stuck pixel. Does it just go away over time, or it needs to be returned/replaced?

I also recently purchased a brand new Minibook X 10.1"—No such evident flaw yet seen on mine.

Congrats, probably you have a dead pixel in your screen. :frowning_face: No much can be done to fix. You ma try to return and ask for replacement.

I don’t think its a dead pixel because when I try to capture it on cam it appears as green dot. It may be a stuck green pixel. It is also not visible in white backgrounds


Have you tried press a little in the area? kind of massage the area where the pixel is to see if this "unlock"the pixel

I haven’t tried anything that would make the warranty invalid. And the touchscreen is very hard glass i will need to apply a great pressure for it to work. Maybe i’ll just wait it out hopefully it may disappear at some point in time.

Where did you buy it, Aliexpress? Official Store? it is better to contact with the support, to ask for a replacement before more days pass. You have 15 days to ask for a replacement.
If you bought in Aliexpress contact directly there, if you bought on the official Store, choose the country , (Global, Europe ,depending on where you live), go to “explore menu”“contact us” aftersales support" and you need to fill the form with all your details. They will answer on about 48h .

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Well it’s “normal” in that this can happen on LCD screens. Maybe 10 years ago this wasn’t even considered a defect unless there were more than a few stuck/dead pixels in a small area on the screen.

Definitely try exchanging it though while you still can. Nowadays it’s definitely considered to be a problem.

Same problem…

As soon as I took it out of the box and saw this stain I was very disappointed. I requested a replacement. :rage:
Can you tell me the replacement times at European support? (I purchased it a few days ago on the official Chuwi EU store) @ChuwiSpainSupport

@jakino Please tell me the order number i searched with your email and i cant find it. Only can be replaced during the first 14 days.

@ChuwiSpainSupport Thank you for your interest. My order number is #EU7828

oK, I See it.
Write to

saying something similar to this:

Subject: URGENT want a replacement

Hello, i just bought in Europe shop, order EU7828 and the screen came with a defect.
You can see it in the picture i attach to this email (do not forget to attach the picture make vetter picture please)
I want a replacement. Please tell me where should i send it and how.
Your policy is 14days for refund or replacement so i am entitled to it
Waiting for your answer.
Thank you

When you do it let me know and i will check the email. Please do it fast

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