Chuwi Minibook black spot of dust or dirt under screen glass


i backed a really nice 16GB Minibook mit m3 Processor but i am very unhappy with my screen. I have a black spot at the screen. I had many pixel problems with other Notebooks or Tablets. This one is different. I think it is dust or dirty from production, which got between glass and lcd. It changes color from black to white at different angles. If you push this spot, you can see, that the screen behaviour is like something is under screen. Chuwi tells me, that this is a dead pixel or other pixel problem. What do you think. I am very unhappy with my minibook. I will use a modern notebook with a black spot. Everytime i use it, i will see it… no go!

Hi, sorry to hear you have this problem. I purchased the lower powered 8GB ram Celeron minibook and your post got me thinking. So I had a look at my screen (I hardly use the touchscreen side of it at all as I’m hoping to order the official pen stylus soon) and I have found what looks like a piece of dust under my screen to.

It’s not as dark as yours and is quite hard to see but I know its there which is annoying however I would be more annoyed going for the top spec one and finding it.

Where did you buy your minibook from? Can you go back to the online store and request a replacement? If you purchased direct from CHUWI then would’ve thought they would’ve been a bit more understanding.

Always a risk buying online as it takes ages to get here and problems can take a while to get sorted out. My left key keeps sticking and its annoying especially as its new and only a few weeks old but its more hassle for me to return it so I will probably try to sort it out myself.

Hope things get sorted for you.

Hi, i backed at indiegogo months ago. I have the 16gb version, everything is fine but i can’t live with such a screen. Chuwi support told me that this is normal and i have to live with this. That sounds like a joke. I told them, that this is no dead pixel, its dirt or dust under the glass… a quality problem. After a few mails, they stopped answering my mails. I am very very disappointed!

Doesn’t sound good at all. Really hope CHUWI get in touch and sort you out.

Out of interest, Is your fan always on and noisy?

Just checking.

Good luck.

hey, no my fan is not loud and i have no problems with overheating. If my screen would be flawless, it would be the perfect minibook :disappointed:

Mine doesn’t overheat but fan stays on all the time.

I agree, apart from the few issues its a real nice mini laptop.

Sorry to hear that, hopefully CHUWI will get in touch and assist you.

Chuwi does not respond anymore. It’s a shame! Now i have a high end 16GB Minibook, i cant use. I need a perfect screen for Video and Picture editing and Chuwi says this spot is normal. I wrote a few more mails, to get a replacement or repair, but no response…

sorry for what you’ve experienced, where did you buy this MiniBook? We can offer a free replacement for this case, please get in contact with the original shopping platform, any further questions, feel free to tag me again. Have a nice day!


I backed my minibook at Indiegogo. It would be nice to get a replacement. Who exactly do i have to contact?

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