My minibook m3-8100y is not booting

hello, i own a minibook m3-8100y 16gb ram/512gb dsik space. it has stopped working,by not booting at all, the keybaord light truns on as well as the internal fan but the screen will not turn on, i had a previous problem wherein when i trun it off, it will turn on again not until i press the power button for 1 minute, it will completely shutdown, then the keyboard is no longer working, then the system time is not getting stored so it relies on the internet time, and now, it wont boot at all. can still recover my files by removing the hdd? btw, qhat exactly does it have? is it sata ssd or emmc? it a 512gb storage


Would you please tell me your serial number? i need to check the hard drive capacity.

where to find the serial number? is it with ALK MiniB Q512G20010325?


From the information we have here, the drive is EMMC, and capacity is 128GB,

butmy minibook hdd is 512gb and there is only one partition.

I checked your Serial number and its the information we have. Is possible that as it is an old product is not updated carefully… The best thing you could do is open the laptop and check manually the type of hard drive.