Need BIOS file and UEFI-flash utility for Hi10 X to recovery after Windows Update reflashed it to some incorrect (not Chuwi) version

Windows Update changed BIOS on the Hi10 X to some incorrect (not Chuwi) version (System Firmware G8320 vXX.XX.XX) dated 23.05.2023.
Now the pad sees 3GB of RAM instead of 6GB and audio doesn’t work.
I need the original Chuwi BIOS file and UEFI-utility to flash it back.
I saw the same thread (CHUWI BIOS Firmware Hi10 X N4120 - #5 by AgentM), but there is no official answer from Chuwi in this thread.
I hope for a Chuwi official help.


I’m just replying here in hopes I get notified whenever a solution is found.

It really looks like this firmware update was meant for a different device.