Not able to find SSD drive

I bought this laptop from Amazon.the description says it has 64GB eMMC and 256GB extral SSD storage. I am not able to find ssd drive. is it something wrong with the product or is it me missing something ?
Another query is regarding the support. is this the only way to get support or have some other options ?

Most likely it “supports” external SSD of up to 256MG. In other words, it does not come with it. You have to buy one, insert it into the SSD slot, it’ll then show up.

what does this ad say?

Ah, so it is an internal 256 GB SSD (not an “extral” (probably “extra” SSD). And the expansion slot is for up to 1T storage. Very confusing.

HeroBook has a free expansion slot to put a SATA M2 SSD of up to 500GB tested.

Yes there is a HeroBook Pro with SSD included as standard:

The way to obtain support is through the usual channels at and
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is there any manual or help to setup SSD and to make it a boot drive ? right now the device is very slow .

You can clone the operating system in the SSD and make it boot drive. There are several apps to perform the process automatically

Did you order the Herobook PRO? If not you don’t get the added 256GB SSD. I have the model without the included SSD but, I added a 500 GB M.2 drive and I am pleased with it.

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