Puzzled how to fit 2242 format SSD to Herobook Pro

I bought a 1TB 2242 M.2 SSD to fit the M.2 bay on the Herobook Pro. When I removed the panel, I was surprised to see it occupied by a 2280 M.2 - unlike on my Lapbook 12.3, which was vacant when I fitted a 512GB 2242 M.2 SSD to it.

The fixing screw hole is spaced for a 2280 M.2, so how do I secure a 2242 form SSD ? Also, what is the max capacity SSD that will function in the Herobook Pro ? The laptop doesnt seem to want to work with the1TB SSD anyway.

I’d be grateful for comments.

Thanks PP-L

The HeroBook Pro, which is an update of the first-generation HeroBook does not equip eMMC storage, but is equipped with a 256GB M2 SATA SSD. In the expecifications he says that he admits units up to 512GB, but I think he must support the 1TB units.
What it does not support is another type of SSD other than M2 SATA NGFF since there are other higher-speed SSD drives with NVMe format that are not supported. First check if your new SSD is of the supported format.