[Other] How to flash Bios using USB disk

How to flash Bios using USB disk

Please reformat the USB disk into the format of FAT32 and rename it as “ WINPE ”;

UnZip File of the BIOS, then copy all files into the root directory of the USB disk.
This picture is only for reference

Plug USB disk and USB keyboard into tablet, and the tablet is in off mode.

Please Long press the power button, at the same time, press “ F7 " key continuously in the keyboard into the boot manager.
To choose “UEFI: Generic, Partition 1” then press “Enter”.
When the programming is finished, the tablet will shut off automatically. Please unplug the USB disk in 5 seconds to avoid reflashing BIOS again.

PS: It is risky to flash BIOS. Please don’t flash bios if the tablet is no problem.