Paid for a laptop, but it is not sent

I paid for a laptop, it has not been sent for the 4th day, the status of the order does not change, support does not respond (, I wrote to all emails.
Who had it like that?

Which warehouse, and when did you place your order?

My order from Spain a month ago shipped on the 2nd day after being placed. It was during the week though, I wouldn’t expect them to work on Sat & Sun. Also Dec 26 (Mon) is a national holiday in Spain I think?

Ships from: China (Global delivery
paid on December 22, the status of the order has not changed since then, support does not respond to emails

Oh. I don’t really know then. That order from Spain was my only one. Maybe the delays are due the situation in China these days, which is all over the news (again)?

As for the lack of response to your e-mail, I think it’s par for the course. I sent them some feedback about my experience with GLS and a request to consider offering another shipping method as an option. Not really even asking for anything. Never got as much as an acknowledgment. So I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any response from

Hope it works out and you get what you ordered eventually (preferably soon). Good luck!

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IF you purchased from China Wearhouse then it-s normal that it-s not shipped yet. There are new Covid Restriction around there and usually holidays and collective vacations.

If after 7 days, not posted, then I would worry. although, you can contact again for information.

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Now the payment status has changed from paid to refunded, but the money is not there yet