Pixle and screen issues!

hi, i have my Hi10x two months now. i use it only as a notebook (student) and its doing a good job so far. Yesterday i turned it on, and the screen had all these pixle lines on it. after the homescreen came on, i had sqaure shaped pixles flickering on the screen in random places for a few minutes.
And then today it happand again, and the device was stuck , not reacting to touch or buttons. Only to a forced shut down.

What should i do in a situation like this?

In order to determine if the problem is hardware or software, you can turn on and press Esc intermittently to check if the Bios screen comes out and if it looks correctly?

Can your elaborate?
What im looking to see there

This is to check if the screen image in the Bios is correct or looks the same as the one you sent, with or without vertical stripes

I went to BIOS and it ls smooth. But so is the regular screen. It lags that funny way only sometimes . And since this morning every time it goes into sleep mode it takes a few minutes to get it started again… and I know when it needs a tap on the screen , a
short “on button” press or a long one… something off here and i dont like it… the only app i downloaded is Zoom, and i erased it once the trouble started…

The application may have made some changes to the display configuration or drivers.

i removed Zoom application. this morning turned on the device and had it had another seizure of “broken” pixels, with horrible noise. and then this screen came up and its stuck since