Power for UBook XPro 2023

Can I use the above tablet with an Anker IQ3 USB-C charger?
Or do I have to use the supplied device for charging?

You can charge using USB-C but charger needs to be compatible with Power Delivery and able to provide out of 12V 2A minimal via USB-C

It is compatible with Power delivery, but on the 45 W USB-C Port is mentioned:
5V=3A, 9V=3A, 15V=3A; 20V=2,25A
12V is missing!

In theory, it should work because port should be able to manage any voltage higher than 12V to charge.

I say if you plug in, it will not damage your device. Max can happen is to not charge on USB-C.

[quote=“coyotefert, post:4, topic:40511”]
it will not damage your device
[/quote]Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know