Problem chuwi herobook

Good evening: help forum I received the laptop 2 days ago the first recharge it was made Friday evening yesterday the PC had overheating lower body even with the system off when I managed to start it a lot of errors appeared I attach photos when I managed to get into windows I report low battery after being charged all night I had to open the lower body because the pc was very hot and I disconnected the battery cable I think it has lost the battery calibration I have something in bios!

The last photo circled in blue and the component that warms up a lot even with the pc turned off with the battery connector inserted The chuwi died only after 5 hours of work Mamma mia

Sorry for the photos I can only insert them so I am a new user other shit

The piece you point to is one of the Ram DDR4 memory modules. You must put the charger and charge the battery. Windows recovery is possible, but you should check if it keeps warming up and report it to or return it to the seller

thanks for the reply but the battery won’t charge. the battery charger works correctly I tried the RAM memory with a tester and it is always hot even when the PC is turned off so I don’t find solutions the only way to solve and return or try an update to the BIOS but I can’t find anything and I wouldn’t know how to proceed on chuwi it is not a very commercial PC like many known brands