Problem with ssd on Herobook

I tried to move the Windows 10 to a ssd, and then my Windows went off. I reinstalled Windows, but after that, my laptop doesn 't see a ssd. I 've been having trouble with this for two days. Maybe someone was having the same problem and can help me?

If you cannot see the SSD from “this computer” it is because the format is not correct.
Type disk manager in the bottom left box and check if the SSD appears in the next window and if it is formatted. If 4 partitions appear they will be from the failed installation of Windows, so you must delete the partitions. Then, without creating any partitions, you can start Windows installation again on the SSD

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ssd don’t appears. in bios too

Could you have connected it to the reverse?

I had the same problem with SSD, the only way my HEROBOOK saw the new drive SSD M.2 250GB . I used a cloning app by Macrium(free) . Cloned the C drive (eMMC) and then Formatted the C drive clean . The Bios setup was booting from D drive (SSD) hope this helps . The laptop is now working very fast and all app’s also no problems so far.

Howdy I followed the steps using macruim as outlined in tech tablets tutorial but herobook is stuck at boot even though in the bios it recognised the new crucial m2 ssd as the startup disk. Can’t get herobook to boot past a black screen can anyone help?

Enter the Bios again, choose the eMMc
as a boot boot and verifies that Windows starts.
If so, type Ms confing in the lower left window and go to the system configuration options, in the start tab, select the SSD (there will be two drives) and save the changes. Restart and check that the SSD is already drive C.

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Thanks mamonegra222

I have down as you have instructed but screen stays black with cursor and spinning blue circle. I have selected the boot order see below

I get this after while

I think the operating system has not been properly cloned. I think you should restore the factory settings with a pendrive downloaded from this forum with the official rom or, perform a clean installation of Windows on the SSD directly.

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Hi Manoegra222,

Thanks for the reply. Can i use any Windows 10 image to install on SSD? If I have to buy a new license so be it. I can create a USB Windows 10 installer on another machine? thanks

You can use a USB stick obtained from the official Microsoft site by typing “get Windows 10” in the browser. The version to install is Windows 10 Home multilanguage and you must create a pendrive with the media creation tool.
Once you have it, you must perform the steps included in this tutorial, deleting all the existing partitions on the SSD and selecting the resulting unallocated space as the installation destination (points 4-8):

You will not need a new Windows key, as it will be activated automatically when connecting to the internet. The Windows key is on the motherboard.

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I cant thank you enough! I only got the Herobook yesterday, it was for one of my children and to though I had ‘bricked’ it! ill get a new USB stick today and follow that tutorial and hopefully everything works.

I take it that Tutorial applies to the Herobook as its Windwows 10 only?

Thanks again and have a great day and weekend!

I will be online during the weekend in case you have any problem

So done a fresh install on the SSD and it has worked brilliant! Happy days. Now can I ask how do I locate the EMMC so that i can format that to use as extra storage etc? Many thanks for all your help!

Can I ask a general question, my herobook can get hot, very very quickly, not overly concerned about it, but I feel the heat coming through the keyboard on the left hand side, is that normal, does everyone else get that?


The temperature will rise depending on the use you are giving it and whether at the same time, you have the charger on or not. My advice for use is with the battery only, using it as little as possible while charging the battery.
All laptops that have passive cooling are rated more than those that have a fan and, in case the temperature is excessive and the processor is working above 65/70 degrees Celsius, it should be checked that the processor heatsink is working correctly.

Cheers Manonegra222, another dumb question how do I know if heat sink is working correctly? I downloaded an App called Core Temp. See screen grab below. Only typing this with laptop on my lap and I can feel the heat already coming through. Im using Chrome Browser. I would of thought that this is not labour intensive… cheers. Just want to make sure that all is ok with this…

The values shown in the image are correct and are a normal use temperature for a system with passive cooling.
If these average values increase over time, we should consider changing the thermal paste that the processor communicates with the heatsink.

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Run Computer Management in Windows, then choose Storage - Disk Management. There you should be able to see all disk drives, find eMMC, right click it and choose format. You can also assign a letter for the new drive.

Hope this will help.

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Hey thanks for the reply, I’ve done that can I ask another question and I apologise for my lack of knowledge on this subject, do i convert to a dynamic disk or a MBR Disk? Thanks a million.