How to move Windows to a new SSD

I got a herobook a few weeks ago and I installed a new SSD as m.2. 2280 128GB on the bottom slot. So to improve the booting time, I want to move Windows from original emmc to new SSD. Could you let me know how to move OS and how to open bios to choose the booting device?

If you installed windows on ssd but still boot from emmc, use this script

for Biosham

Hi, but will the script be started on Windows 10 (emmc) after cloning the disk on the new ssd m2 installed or before, and with only ssd m2 formatted?

Isn’t it enough to change the boot disk choice only from the BIOS in the first case (cloned) ?

I’m not sure, probably chuwi made this script exactly to run from emmc to change boot order \ delete boot from emmc if you cloned system to ssd.
I would be glad if chuwi made a guide for their scripts and some of the softs for calibrating touchscreen
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Ok Thank you for reply

Hello Biosham

I have cloned the emmc disk on the new ssd m2. ngff, yesterday, even changing the boot on ssd in BIos, the windows still boot on the primary Emmc. I have seen the suggested script, but it is a .bat file with 7zip.exe and dll, how do you use this script? Do you boot from windows 10 or off system with usb? Thanks

This is because you cloned the boot config, you need to format EMMC and create new boot config for SSD.
I’m not sure about script, probably you need to launch .bat file from windows 10 on EMMC.

Ok after cloning the disk (emmc in ssd), does emmc need to be formatted? Do I need USB 10 or Windows 10 DVD media to create a new boot configuration?
In the msconfig i see a Windows and not two

The script that I launched from emmc, but reports several errors, not to recognize the drive letter.

You need to format emmc, then load from win 10 setup usb, choose system recovery (or something similar), then you need to find “recovery boot” \ “restore system boot”.
But before that go to disk management and make sure that all disks partitions are the same.

Ok i will try

But where i can found all drivers Windows Hardware the Herobook ?

But you don’t need them if you made full copy of emmc.

Ok just for knowledge

Thank you so much