Boot from ssd drive


I cloned 64mb of emmc Herobook on the new m2 ngff SSD. Now they are both the same

Also, if I choose order 1 in the BIOS, setting boot from the SSD, Windows 10 always starts on emmc

How does it change in primary SSD?


Type Msconfig in the lower left box and choose system configuration in the dialog that will open. It will take you to a new window, in it select start and in the new window you will see the two installed Windows systems, that of the eMMC, which will appear as the default system and that of the SSD.
You just have to blue over the SSD system and press “set as default”.
Once this is done you can restart and it will start with the system installed on the SSD.
Now you can, if it is your desire to remove the system from the eMMC, remove the system from the eMMC.
To do this, you first have to type Msconfig again in the lower left box, go to the boot tab and remove the system from the eMMC. (You must make sure you select the correct unit before confirming).
Once this is done, you should go to the disk manager, dial the eMMC and delete the partitions on the drive. Then you must create a new unit and format it. The eMMC will be clean with its full available capacity


I used for cloning, Aomei Backupper, after rebooting, the laptop always starts on primary Emmc.
Even if I set the boot order on SSd from the Chuwi BIOS

I tried as you say with “msconfig”, but I see a line (a Windows system), I show you screenshots on my Windows 10. The D drive is ssd m2.
Tips ?

You should not do anything with the Bios. It is a step that is superfluous in that tutorial. The bios should never be updated.
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